Shop/ Equipment


(the things that make up our current shop, in all ways possible)

Standing shoulder to shoulder with many other garment manufacturing and decorating warehouses in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District, our current location is better than anything we could have ever dreamt of. The 5000 sq ft open studio is centrally located with ample parking for our custo mers and more space than we originally thought we would ever need. Our equipment fits neatly with enough room to navigate the space without bumping in to something and still allows for a nice showroom, coffee bar and sitting area to welcome our customers. The extended searching and months of reject properties we were shown was all worth it after finding our current Renegades HQ.

Equipment List:

  • EPSON F2000 DTG Printer
  • 2 Manual 6 / 4 color Screen Printing Presses
  • Ryonet Hot Roqit XL 40” Conveyor Belt Dryer
  • 2x BBC 18” x 24” Black Flash Dryers
  • Nano Print Plus Semi-Automatic Poster Printing Press
  • Nano Print Tag Automatic Screen Printing Press
  • LED-5000 30×40 LED Exposure Unit
  • Lawson Zoom XL DTG Pretreatment machine
  • 2 Geo Knight Clamshell Heatpresses
  • Pro-Cut 26.5” Hydraulic Engine Paper Cutter w/ Airbed
  • CCI 48×96” Poly Washout booth w/ backlights
  • BlackOne 6-stage Carbonizing Filter
  • “The Steward” 1921 Self Inking Tabletop LetterPress Printer
  • Epson 4900 17” Roll Inkjet Printer w/ BlackMaxx Ink
  • Graphtec CE6000 Vinyl Plotter / Stencil Cutter
  • Consew Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine
  • Brother Digital Single Needle Sewing Machine
  • Juki Electronic Serger Machine w/ autocut capabilities