DTG Printing – AKA Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment – or DTG printing – is exactly as it sounds. Instead of ink being applied to a stencil then rolled over fabric, DTG printing takes your design straight from the printer to the garment using inkjet technology. It’s like having your documents print directly to paper through your office computer, only the printer is way bigger, the paper is a t-shirt, tote or whatever you can imagine, and your designs are likely much cooler than boring office documents.

At Print Renegades, we utilize a variety of printing methods in our LA shop. In addition to DTG printing, we also offer letterpress and screen-printing services, and while each process will produce high-quality results, there’s no denying that each method has its own advantages.

Here are just a few benefits of DTG printing:

  • Because you’re printing straight from a computer, your color options are basically limitless
  • You can print designs and photographs onto garments in high-quality detail
  • Great for small-batch orders
  • Quick turn-around

Want to learn more about our DTG printing process and chat about some design ideas you have? Stop on by our shop at 2457 Hunter St. here in LA or give us a call at 213-536-5233 to get started.