A collaborative art, screenprinting, and event space for Downtown Los Angeles creatives and entrepreneurs that will give them access to professional equipment and services. We aim to encourage weekend warriors to take the next step in moving their creative businesses out of their garages or backrooms and into a less restrictive workspace.


For inquiries, please email colab@printrenegades.com



      • Six-Color Four-Station Manual Printing Press (2)
      • Four-Color Single-Station Manual Printing Press (2)
      • RileyCure Jr Conveyor Dryer
      • Vastex Infrared Conveyor Dryer
      • Full Darkroom
      • Exposure unit
      • Multi-Station Washout Booth
      • Photography Studio Space 

Introductory Pricing

Tier 1 Membership

$75 per month

Equipment Rental at Hourly Rates

Tier 2 Membership

$600 per month

40 hours of on-press time included. 

Tier 3 Membership

$1000 per month

80 hours of on-press time included. 

Event Space

CoLab by Print Renegades is also available for special events including or focused around live screenprinting. Where normally incorporating live screen printing at an event would be limited by space, power availability, and location, CoLab offers enough space to host your event and include customized favors, merchandise or workshops.