Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

Direct to Garment or “DTG” printing is pretty much exactly like what it sounds like. Where screen printing requires ink to be pushed through as many mesh stencils needed to compose your image, DTG is essentially a large-format inkjet printer that takes your digital image from the computer and prints it directly onto your garment. It requires a whole lot less set-up and allows for full color graphics to be printed much closer to the original design than screen printing would. It’s pretty much like printing documents to your desktop inkjet printer, only the printer is way bigger, the paper is a t-shirt, tote or whatever you can imagine, and your designs are likely much cooler than boring office documents.

The type of printing that should be utilized is highly dependent on what it is you are printing and what you want to print on. DTG prints best on 100% cotton garments as the ink adheres only to the natural fibers in a garment. The less cotton there is in your garment, the less ink will end up sticking to it and the more the color of the garment will show through. 


Why you should choose DTG:

  • Your garments are 100% cotton or high cotton blends.
  • Your graphic is a photograph or multi-color image with gradients. 
  • You would like your print on white garments to be as soft to the touch as possible.
  • You require a faster turnaround than standard screen printing would normally allow.
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