DTG vs. Screen Printing: Which is Better for Your Custom Apparel?

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DTG vs. Screen Printing: Battle Royale for Your Custom Apparel!

Hey, apparel rebels! Ready to rock the printing world? It's time for a showdown - direct-to-garment (DTG) vs. old-school screen printing. Buckle up, 'cause we're about to unleash the printing smackdown and find out which one will make your designs scream, "Hell yeah!"

Hulk Hogan ripping off his own shirt saying "hell yeah, brother"

DTG Printing - Unleash the Color Explosion!

full color dtg print

Picture this - mind-blowing, jaw-dropping images that look like they jumped straight out of a hi-res photo. That's DTG, baby! We're talking colors and gradients like a psychedelic dream. It's the go-to move for those intricate designs that crave ALL the colors! But hey, if you're into spot colors that hit hard, screen printing's got your back too. Take your pick, ink warriors!

Cost Clash - The Purse Strings get put to the Test!

infographic showing the relative pricing of screen printing and DTG

Time for some cold hard cash talk! In the left corner, we've got screen printing - the champ for big orders over 100 pieces. The setup costs get spread out like butter on toast, making it the cost-effective knockout. In the right corner, DTG's ready to rumble, but it might get a bit pricey for larger quantities. Those ink costs can level off, so think about your budget before diving in. Which contender suits your moolah moves?

Pre-Treatment Showdown - Who Stains the Ring?

simulation of pretreat staining on vintage black tee
A simulation of what pretreat staining can look like on vintage black or charcoal gray t-shirts.

Let's talk pre-treatment, the secret sauce for DTG on dark tees. It's like armor against the dreaded white ink soak-in. But watch out - it can clash with some dyes, leaving you with a dark surprise. Especially on those blended or pigment-dyed fabrics. So, if you're on the dark side, be ready for the pre-treatment battle!

Texture Tango - Feel the Fabric Vibe!

image showing the same print across 3 different brands
Variations in garment texture affecting the print, most noticeable in the light blue areas.

Texture, baby - it's a game-changer! Smoother, tight-woven and combed cotton brings those razor-sharp prints to life. DTG shines like a rockstar on brands like Cotton Heritage and Comfort Colors. Take notes, 'cause the right tee texture can level up your print game and make a huge difference!

Screen Printing Swagger - Spot Colors FTW!

graphic illustrating a 7-color separation
Color separations of a 7-color print and what the layered print looks like.

Here comes the screen printing superstar, folks! Perfect for spot colors that pack a punch. It brings the heat with consistent graphics that scream perfection. No fussy dyes and fabric treatments here - just smooth moves all the way. And hey, if you're running a print army, color separations and halftones are your secret weapons for maximum impact without breaking the bank. Boom!

Durability Duel - The Ink that Never Quits!

extensive wear on screen printed and DTG printed graphics
Extensive wear on screen printed and DTG printed graphics due to hard wear and improper care.

Let's talk staying power - both DTG and screen printing are fighters! As long as you show 'em some love, they'll hold their ground. No fading prints, no surrender - just ink that stands tall!

Feel the Ink Vibes - Soft Touch or Vivid Pop!

Want that soft touch? Choose your feel, print masters! DTG on dark tees gets you close to the same comfort level as screen printing. Similar texture vibes due to the thicker white underbase and layered colors. But on white or light-colored garments, screen printing pops like fireworks, with ink sitting proud on top of the fabric, screaming for attention. DTG is a smooth operator, soaking into the fabric for an undetectable vintage-style feel on light garments where white ink isn't required.

The Ultimate Verdict: You Call the Shots!

So, rebels, which printing warrior will join your crew? DTG or screen printing - it's your call! At Print Renegades, we're your wingman, ready to unleash your creative vision. We've got the expertise to guide you, no matter which path you choose.

Print Renegades - Unleashing Print Power!

Ready to dominate the print game? Let's turn your apparel dreams into reality!

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