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Screen printing designs on heavy cardstock adds a hand-made element, weight, and artistic value to those printed images. While digital posters are cheap and easy, sometimes your art or promotional image calls for a more premium look and feel. Art prints like these can increase the perceived value and sell for a higher cost than digital posters. We've seen posters we printed for about $5 each sell for more than $300 at retail!

To create a high-quality screen-printed poster, each color of ink in the design is layered onto the paper one at a time, building to the final design. The layering of inks on heavier paper gives the image a rich, tactile feel and makes it archival and fit for framing. The printing can be done by hand or with large-format automatic screen printing machines that make printing larger paper much easier. Screen-printed art prints also have a storied history in the fine art and music industries and were made famous in the sixties by artists like Andy Warhol, Chuck Sperry and Roy Lichtenstein. (we'll let you look them up and fall down that rabbit-hole on your own time)

If you have questions about screen printing on posters, cards, tags, or any other item, please contact us. For pricing, please use our online quote tool.

Screen Printed Posters

Compared to digitally printed, mass-produced promotional posters, screen-printed posters offer a more archival art print that is ideal for collectors. The layering of ink provides a tactile element to the poster and can also be used as a design element to create visual texture. Combined with colored or textured paper and specialty inks, the possibilities for what can be created are endless.

Closeup Texture View of Print
Closeup View of Print Texture

Screen Printed Packaging

Plain cardboard boxes, mailers and other paper packaging are also a good candidate for screen printing. Customize items like pizza boxes or plain flat-pack Uline boxes with your own designs or branding to give your packaged items a more professional look. Please note that pre made items cannot be printed to full bleed and other limitations may apply.

Flat Pack Printed Pizza Box
Folded Pizza Box