Folding, Packaging and Shipping Your Printed Goods

US map illustrating distribution

It is important to differentiate fulfillment services from Print-on-Demand services. Print-on-demand would require integrating with your online retail presence and receiving individual orders to be printed, packaged and shipped individually. Ongoing Fulfillment is the packaging and distribution of stored items as orders are placed. Complete Fulfillment is the packing and shipping 100% of a bulk printing order in which all items are pre-sold and must be fulfilled.

While Print Renegades unfortunately CANNOT OFFER PRINT-ON-DEMAND SERVICES, we can offer complete fulfillment services on print orders that need to be packaged and shipped in its entirety to individual customers or locations. Complete fulfillment orders must be all shipped at the same time as we do not have the ability to offer storage or Ongoing Fulfillment services.
Read more on Print-on-Demand services vs. Bulk Order Printing here.

Fulfillment Pricing

Pricing for fulfillment is calculated using the following structure per package being shipped:*

  • Fold & Pack: Each package is priced by item that is being included. The first item is $4.10 plus $1.50 for each additional item being included in the same package.
  • Mailer/Packaging: Each mailer is between $1 and $2.50 depending on the size required for the item(s) being packed.
  • Postage: costs will vary depending on package weight and destination. Standard USPS postage on an 8 oz package containing a single t-shirt is typically about $3.75 within the contiguous United States.

*pricing is subject to change

packing folded shirt in mailer
Weighing package for postage
affixing postage label

International Shipping

International shipping may not be possible depending on the destination. We are limited by where the USPS will ship to using their shipping partners and legal limitations. We suggest that international shipments be handled separately by a courier of your choosing.