Screen Printed Apparel

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Screen Printing is an image printing process that dates back nearly 2000 years; coming into its modern iteration in 1910 when artisans in China first utilized photosensitive chemicals and a gelatin glue to make an image stencil on a silk mesh stretched over a frame. Ink is then pushed through the image negative on the screen with a rubber squeegee onto a medium such as paper or fabric. The science and materials of screen printing have come a long way since the first artisans began using screens and ink but the overall process remains the same. Once your image is finalized for print, each color is separated digitally and a screen is prepared for each individual color. Each color is then printed over one another to recreate your original image. Screen printing also includes a variety of ink options, each with its own unique effects.


The most printed item in our shop is the T-shirt: it is one of the most versatile to print on and the most ubiquitous item in today’s fashion industry. You can provide us with shirts of your own to print on or ask us about our different distributors from which we can order countless color and fabric options.

One-Color Screen Printed Image
One-Color Halftone Gradient Screen Print
7-Color Screen Printed Graphic


Much like T-Shirts, sweatshirts come in various styles, fabrics and colors but can be limiting as to what we can print and where due to seams, pockets and zippers. Crewneck pullover sweatshirts provide the most versatile option for printing in this category.

Screen Printed Zip Up Sweatshirt

Tote Bags

Tote bags are an easy and fairly inexpensive way to get your logo or branding on a promotional product that has some real use. They come in all sorts of colors, materials and sizes and can be screen-printed on one or both sides.

Two-Color Screen Printed Image On Tote with Puff Ink
One-Color Screen Print on Metallic Tote

Jumbo Prints

"Large" sometimes just isn’t large enough, so you have to go JUMBO. With a 17 x 28” max size, you can cover the entire front of even some of the largest t-shirts.

Jumbo Size Print

All-Over Prints

All-over prints are rudimentary ways of getting a custom pattern printed on a run of t-shirts or other garments. This is not always suggested as printing over seams and folds usually provides less-than-optimal results but we do our best to make sure we make them look as good as possible. Pricing for all-over printing may vary based on quantities and design complexity. All-over printing is also usually limited to a single ink color.

One-Color All-Over Screen Print with Discharge Ink


While embroidery is the preferred method for decorating on hats, it is entirely possible to screen print on some hats depending on your graphic. Usually, screen printing on hats requires a foam trucker or similar, more structured caps are usually too concave for traditional screen printing. Please email for options.