Print Renegades Terms and Conditions

Quotes and Estimates

Pricing calculators on this website are for estimation purposes only. Email submissions for estimations or quotes will be returned within 24 hours on most business days excluding any major federal holidays. Quotes may be subject to change based on a number of factors. Finalized quotes will expire 15 days from initial creation unless they are approved as an invoice and a deposit is paid.

Order Processing & Deadlines

Print Renegades will always be clear about timetables and required approval/artwork/payment cut-off times to meet any requested deadline. The burden of responsibility lies with the client submitting all order requirements by those stipulated cut-off times, especially regarding rush orders. PR is not responsible for order delays or missed deadlines caused by failure to promptly submit payments, approvals, and/or necessary artwork. While we will always do our best to respond to calls and emails regarding rush orders as quickly as possible, there are times when other customers and/or job duties will take us away from our desks. If a deadline is approaching and no contact from any PR team members have been made, follow-up communication with us may be required. Please allow enough time so PR can ensure they are creating an accurate invoice and a payment link for the required deposit to meet order cut-off times.

Artwork Requirements

Print Renegades can not be held responsible for the final quality of a print due to the poor quality of provided artwork. Although we can make due with most provided file types, the final results of any printed material can only be as good as the original artwork provided. Print Renegades does not provide graphic design services. All artwork must be finalized before placing your order. Final artwork will be prepared for print but an added fee may apply for more elaborate color separations or adjustments your file might require.

An Adobe Illustrator vector file or a layered, 300dpi Photoshop file that is already saved at the final print size is preferred. These types of files will ensure the best possible output. We strongly discourage providing hand-drawn images, images downloaded from the internet, or screenshots/photos taken on your mobile device. If we foresee any issues with your artwork, we'll be sure to inform you.

Artwork Approval / Mockups

Print Renegades will create detailed visual representations for clients to approve prior to proceeding with any production order (mockups will not be created for individual DTG samples). These mockups will be photoshopped approximations of what the provided graphics will look like on specified garments at the dimensions, ink colors and placements selected. They will also outline total quantities, decoration methods, and any special instructions. Any adjustments to your order must be voiced prior to mockup approval. Once approvals are given, your job will be printed as indicated.

Print Renegades is not responsible for any details that may have been overlooked prior to final approvals. Print Renegades can not assume responsibility for any production decisions such as (but not limited to) placements, colors or sizing that have been left to our discretion that you may ultimately be unhappy with.

Intellectual Property

Pursuant to Title 17 of the United States Code, Section 512; we have implemented procedures for receiving written notification of claimed copyright infringement and for processing such claims in accordance with such law. Print Renegades does not assume responsibility for replicating any artwork containing copyright infringing material. It is the sole responsibility of any client providing artwork or graphics that are not their own to verify that it is properly licensed. Any such claims of copyright infringement will be forwarded to the client in question.

Changes to an Order

Invoiced orders will be submitted to the client for final approval before collecting any deposits. Invoices should not be approved if anything on that invoice needs to be changed, adjusted or corrected. Any adjustments to your invoice or mockups after approval has been given will reset any previously agreed upon due dates and rush fees (if any) are subject to increase. Additional costs resulting from changes to the invoice will be added to the invoice as well. Any changes resulting in returns of blank apparel to our distributors will be subject to restocking and shipping fees.

Deposits / Balances

A 50% deposit on an invoice is required before the turnaround time an a job can begin. Deposits made on an invoice may be considered a de facto approval of that invoice. Deposits are non-refundable and any garments required to complete the job will be ordered immediately after that payment has been remitted. The remaining balance must be paid in full at the time of pickup or before we schedule a shipment/ messenger service.

Turnaround Times

The standard turnaround time for any order is approximately 10 business days. Turnaround times begin once we have received a 50% deposit as well as both invoice and mockup approvals. Turnaround times may vary based on order size, current workload, holidays, or any other unforeseen circumstances. All invoices will have a completion date clearly stated. Turnaround times do not include the time it takes to ship your items to any specific destination.

Rush Fees

If your job requires a completion date that is sooner than our standard turnaround time, an added rush fee will be applied in order to accommodate your request. While there is no specified standard rush fee, our rush fee schedule is based on a ten to twelve business day standard. For example, a 5 or 6 day turnaround would then approximate to a rush fee of at least an additional 50% of the standard cost due to the fact that we would have half the normal amount of time to complete your order.

Rush fees will be calculated depending on the size of the job, amount of time we have to complete it, the level of difficulty, and how many other orders may need to be displaced in order to accommodate your request.  Rush fees are calculated on a case by case basis and on an end-of-day completion. (If you need your order by noon on Friday, your completion date would then be Thursday.)

Stocked Blank Apparel

We usually only keep ONE brand on hand for our in-house stock apparel. Although we do our best to use the same brand for an entire order it may be necessary to switch brands in between orders and in some cases, it might be necessary to use 2 different brands in your order. All blank apparel is chosen to be as similar as possible however, there may be times when differences are more evident.

Damages / Quality Control

Your print job is handled by some wonderful humans but unfortunately, humans make mistakes. While we have a number of fail-safes in place to keep damage rates as close to zero as possible, it is prudent to estimate a 5% damage rate when placing your order. While it is unlikely, damage rates/ spoilage may be up to 10% per printed design. Print Renegades will not charge you for any item that you do not receive due to damages. It is important that you inspect your order within 48hrs of receiving it to check for any quality concerns. Damage claims made after that 48hr window will not be honored.
     Garments: Any client-provided garments are the sole risk of the client and Print Renegades is not responsible for the replacement or reimbursement of those garments due to damages while in our possession or during the printing process. Garments purchased through Print Renegades' wholesale distributors are not subject to an additional quality control inspection before being printed. While we do our best to cull any sub-standard garments during printing, any issues with the quality of the garment itself is the responsibility of the manufacturer, not Print Renegades.

Individually Packaged Items

Oftentimes, items purchased from distributors (especially overseas suppliers) are prepackaged either individually or dozens. In an effort to cut down on waste, we strongly discourage using vendors who do this. If items being supplied to us for contract printing are individually packaged in any way, an added fee for the removal and disposal of that packaging will be added to your invoice. If it is disclosed at the time your invoice is being made, that fee will be explained to you and you will have the option of removing the packaging and disposing of it yourself. If we are not made aware until it comes time to unpack your garments, an added charge of anywhere between $0.20 - $1.00 will be added per item.

DTG Pretreatment

This is a non-toxic chemical solution necessary for white DTG printer ink to adhere to most dark-colored garments and is optional on white garments to improve vibrancy. This solution can sometimes cause a delayed chemical reaction with some dyes or fabrics that cause staining or discoloration around the printed or pretreated area after being exposed to heat. We do our best not only to communicate the risk as some fabrics (poly blends) or colors (heathered colors) are more prone to this than others but also to minimize the probability of this by taking precautions we've known to be effective in the past. However, while we may attempt every way to avoid or prevent this from happening, there will be cases where marks or staining will be visible. Print Renegades can not be held liable for anything that might happen to garments related to the pretreatment process.

Print Quality / Care Instructions

Your printed design is meant to be permanent unless otherwise specified. That does not mean the print will endure improper care. Your printed design will last as long as your garment if cared for as stated on the care label for that specific item. Specialty inks may affect the durability of your design. Foils, metallic ink, puff ink, etc. may react differently on different types of garments and are not guaranteed to be as permanent.

Ink Colors / Color Matching

Unless we use a basic pre-mixed color directly from an ink manufacturer (Black, White, Lemon Yellow, Tomato Red, etc.), we will refer to a Pantone color swatch from their Formula Guide (either C for Coated or U for Uncoated) on mockups provided for your approval. The Pantone color codes will be directly translated from the colors in your provided digital artwork unless you have provided a specific color code for us to use when printing. All ink colors are mixed by hand using the formula guide instructions however, the selected color may appear slightly different due to several variables. We will run test prints to minimize any color variation but due to the human element, we specify that colors will be matched within 1 or 2 shades. There will also be instances where separate runs of the same print and color may appear slightly different since more of that color will likely need to be mixed by hand all over again. We can try to mitigate this by mixing larger quantities of that ink and labeling it accordingly if you know you will be running more of the same design in the near future.


In order to keep our costs and pricing as low as possible, we do not offer the option to keep the screens used to print your design by default as they are regularly reclaimed and reused. If you require the screens used to print your job to be delivered along with your completed order, we would need to know before finalizing your invoice so we can charge you accordingly for each screen being purchased. The cost of each screen is dependent on the size and mesh count.

Inside Tag Printing

When printing inside care labels, sometimes the image that is being printed can show through onto the back of the garment (this is more likely to happen on thinner/lighter colored fabrics). We take all precautions necessary to make sure this doesn't happen, but sometimes it's inevitable. A dense graphic that uses more ink has a higher chance of showing through. If printing on light garments, its best to keep artwork as simple as possible to avoid this completely. Additionally, when printing an image in the high center back of a shirt opposite the inside tag print, those graphics may conflict and show though on each other, making it difficult to read each of them. Keep this in mind when organizing the placements of artwork.

Existing Tag Removal

While most blank apparel brands offer some options with "tear-away" inside tags, not all tear-away tags are created equal. There are instances where certain tags tear away completely and leave no evidence that a tag ever existed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There may be times when the tag is sturdier than the stitching holding it in place, resulting in torn threads or small holes. This may be limited to one or two pieces in your order, but if we see that it is a persistent issue, we may need to cut them out instead. Cutting them out may leave remnants of the tag trapped in the neck taping of the shirt (learn more on our Print Hints Page). While we will always do our best to minimize damages caused by the removal of inside tags, Print renegades can not be held liable for any damaged garments resulting from this process.

Missing Inside Tag Sizes

When inside tags are requested to be screen printed on garments, we will always make sure we print on every size of tag/artwork that is provided to us. In some cases, the artwork provided will not include all provided garment sizes (for instance: if shirts are provided in S to 3XL sizes but only S to 2XL size artwork/tags are provided). In such cases, to avoid delays to your job or needing to reburn screens (mainly because inside tags are usually the last thing to be printed closer to when the order is due), we reserve the right to tape off the size of an existing tag we have and print the tag artwork WITHOUT any size information (All other relevant logos, care information, and fabric or garment construction information will be printed without the size designation). When this happens, we will usually always leave the existing labels inside the garment (or we will add size stickers to the inside of the garment so the sizes will be known to the end-user). Still, anytime all sizes aren't provided, this is the typical course of action taken.

All-Over Printing

The proper way to achieve an all-over print would be to print on the fabric panels or rolls before cutting and sewing the garment together. Printing all-over a constructed garment can present several challenges and complications: printing a t-shirt this way on a regular screen-printing press is extremely difficult and inconsistent as the garment cannot lay completely flat or be held in place particularly well. Printing over seams, pleats, pockets, etc. WILL produce inconsistencies in the print due to the accumulated ink in the gaps created by the uneven surfaces. Although we will always be upfront about this before taking on a job, Print Renegades can not be held responsible for any of these inconsistencies due to the nature of screen printing in this manner. You can read more about this on our Print Hints Page.

Foil Transfers

Foil is the least permanent decoration method used in all screen printing. This is because the foil is not MEANT to be a permanent decoration, and will certainly tarnish after washing or flake off slightly after a few washes. We recommend including care instructions with any foil-decorated garments to limit the amount of damage that could occur from the foil transfer process. (these instructions should include washing all garments inside out in cold water, gentle cycle, then air dry if possible (or machine dry low/no heat). Large solid areas of foil may exhibit slight speckling and might not be fully covered with foil usually due to the texture of the garment itself. We do everything we can to minimize all these effects. However, predicting the final quality of a foil transfer is not always possible. While smoother fabrics tend to accept foil prints better, we feel that foil is better suited for distressed looks, accents, and designs with primarily negative space on most garments. Print Renegades can not be held liable for any inconsistencies with foil transfer printing.

Screen Printing Fine Details

Although, screen printing fine details is usually a simple task and is possible in most cases, there are times where achieving fine detail in a screen print may NOT be possible. These instances are mainly (but not limited to) printing on extremely textured items (like ribbed or knit garments), heavyweight tote bags (due to the thickness of the canvas in some cases), and almost always with metallic ink (given that the metallic flake in the ink prevents us from printing through a fine enough mesh to achieve high detail). We will always be as upfront as possible about risks and limitations with any jobs that we take on. Mockups will be made to specifically point out any possible complications with fine detail so we ask that you pay special attention to those before approving. Approving those mockups indicates that you accept any and all risk involved with moving forward with your order.

Pricing and Policy Changes

Print Renegades has the right to change and alter pricing structures or policies at any time without notice. Credit card transactions where the physical card is not present or needs to be entered manually will incur a processing fee of 3% of the total cost added to the final invoice.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Print Renegades and its affiliates harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from or relating to your use of the service provided by Print Renegades, your violation of this Agreement, or your violation of any rights of another. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California and, where applicable, by federal law.