LA Blank Apparel: Brands We Like, Why You Should Too

Los Angeles has always been at the cutting edge of fashion and innovation. In a time when sustainability and locality are vital, several Los Angeles-based apparel brands are making a mark by offering trendy yet environmentally friendly products. Choosing local brands lowers your carbon footprint due to reduced shipping distances and supports the local economy. Let’s look at some of the local brands our customers love and why we prefer them.

1. Cotton Heritage

Cotton Heritage catalog image of a man and woman in front of a doorway wearing t-shirts

Founded: 1983

About Them: Brands like Bella + Canvas may be more recognizable for premium apparel blanks due to massive marketing campaigns, but there’s a reason why Cotton Heritage has remained a constant since the '80s. Their products have been honed and perfected over the last 40 years to offer value often unmatched by more prominent brands. Using progressively sustainable materials and working with more eco-conscious suppliers makes them a standout in the movement to improve sustainability and reduce waste.

Why We Like Them: Exceptional printability due to smoother ringspun cotton surfaces. Both DTG and screen-printed graphics look amazing on all of their products.

2. Shakawear

Shaka Wear Catalog Image of a man sitting on the roof of an 80's Chevy Sedan

Founded: 2004

About Them: One of the originators of the now standard heavyweight t-shirt featured by most streetwear brands. With offerings of some of the heaviest t-shirt options available at 7.5 oz in various colors and specialty dyes, they embody the classic, boxy t-shirt shape that is now super popular among some of your favorite brands. Their inventive use of deadstock fabric is part of their push toward sustainable practices.

Why We Like Them: A go-to for a classic look and great color options. Substantial fabric weight and thickness offer an excellent drape that doesn’t hug the body in an unflattering way and ages like a fine wine. Truly a garment that is meant to last, which directly rejects fast-fashion trends.

3. Lane 7

Lane Seven Catalog image of a man and woman in front of a vine-covered wall

Founded: 2013

About Them: Lane 7 distinguishes itself with its alluring color and dye options in the custom apparel sector. Competing head-to-head with brands like Next Level Apparel, they intertwine sustainability with modern style. Their alignment with initiatives such as 1% for the Planet underlines their commitment to sustainable practices.

Why We Like Them: Distinctive color and dye options that seamlessly marry style with an eco-conscious ethos. Optimal printability even on their Vintage line. Specialty washes sometimes reduce that due to additives like silicone and other softening agents. 

4. Made Blanks

Made Blanks Catalog Image with a young man and woman in front of a car parked next to a fast food spot

Founded: 2015

About Them: Emerging as a manufacturer of an unbranded alternative to Champion’s famous crossweave hoodie, Made Blanks has established itself as a key player in the blank apparel industry in Los Angeles. They have grown their style options significantly and continued offering custom dye options for their customers with relatively low minimum order requirements. They have become a key supplier to some of your favorite streetwear brands.

Why We Like Them: A mix of affordability, quality, and the appeal of bespoke dyeing options.

5. Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel Catalog Image of the same woman pictured 4 times in 4 different colors of the same t-shirt

Founded: 2016

About Them: In the wake of personal controversy and the acquisition of American Apparel by apparel giant Gildan, Dov Charney has positioned Los Angeles Apparel to be possibly the most sought-after t-shirt blank in the industry. In a complete 180 from the t-shirt that put Dov on the map, the classic heavyweight tee offerings from Los Angeles Apparel seemingly sparked a trend in the streetwear industry to look for an elevated version of the streetwear staples like the Alstyle and Pro Club heavyweight tees. 

Why We Like Them: They are as Los Angeles as it gets. Local factories employ all the originally displaced American Apparel workers, plus many more. We often can pick up blank apparel orders from them on our way to our own Arts District print shop.

6. Everybody.World

Stickers with Everybody.World's logo and sayings.

Founded: 2016

About Them: Everybody.World is more than just an apparel brand—it wholly embodies a conscious movement dedicated to sustainability paired with LA's flair for elevating basics. The brainchild of Alonzo and Crespo, this brand strikes a balance between aesthetics and eco-friendliness, making them a standout name in the apparel world. In the past 7 years, they've managed to repurpose over half a MILLION pounds of waste into what they've dubbed their Trash Collection. Transparency remains a cornerstone of Everybody.World's ethos. By openly publishing information about their suppliers and manufacturing practices, they ensure customers are always in the know. Moreover, their collaborations with organizations like the American Red Cross illustrate a brand deeply connected to its community. Truly a beacon for those aiming to intertwine fashion with environmental consciousness and a jewel in the crown of Los Angeles.

Why We Like Them: Everybody.World is a certified B Corporation, setting them apart with rigorous standards for both social and environmental performance. Their dedication shines through in the materials they choose—organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel—providing a premium feel and an assurance of environmentally responsible sourcing. Beyond the products, their recycling program, along with partnerships with initiatives such as 1% for the Planet, exemplify their commitment to our planet.

Supporting local LA brands is an endorsement of more than just merchandise. It's a salute to innovation, sustainability, and the region's inherent talent and economic prowess. As you contemplate your next apparel venture, explore the rich tapestry woven by LA's trailblazers. We hope that "Made in LA" will continue to be a badge of honor for any brand that chooses to call this their home-base.

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