The Print Renegades Crew

Group Photo 2019

We are the Print Renegades. A small but ever-expanding group of professional printers, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs and much more doing whatever is necessary to get you the highest quality product possible.

JD saying "hold on"

JD Nielsen

Currently Wearing: Holes, Upside-down Crosses and last year's fashions.
Childhood Pet's Name: Come Here (no joke) seriously parents?
Dominant Color: "Til things are better, I'm the man in black" - Johnny Cash
Under Your Bed: Nothing but perfect cleanliness (been like that since childhood).
Paradise: A tropical setting and my drumset.
Dying Meal: Sugar Cereal, Pizza & Waffles sprinkled with every gummi candy in existence.
Prized Possession: "Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions" -Tyler Durden (Fight Club)
Current Music: Most Rock (from Alt to Heavy) and Electro (from Hardcore to Drum and Bass) pretty much sums it up for me.

Mike Bearing his teeth

Mike Glover

Currently Wearing: Declined to answer
Childhood Pet's Name: Declined to answer
Dominant Color: Declined to answer
Under Your Bed: Declined to answer
Paradise: Declined to answer
Dying Meal: Declined to answer
Prized Possession: Declined to answer
Current Music: Declined to answer

Edgar showing off his shirt

Edgar Sarmiento

Currently Wearing: Jeans, a black t-shirt and a Dodgers cap.
Childhood Pet's Name: Padme the white mini poodle.
Dominant Color: Blues, Dark Greens, Black
Under Your Bed: Empty boxes I should probably throw away, dust bunnies, a foam roller, and a laundry basket.
Paradise: Everything I could ever need is here in LA.
Dying Meal: Dangerous amounts of high-grade sushi
Prized Possession: My phone. There's hardly ever a time I don't have it on me.
Current Music: Blasting Bad Bunny

Tana giving attitude

Tana Miller

Currently Wearing: Dr. Marten Sandals
Childhood Pet's Name: Blue the weiner dog
Dominant Color: Red
Under Your Bed: Potentially a murderer.
Paradise: It's personal
Dying Meal: Ceviche and a Spicy Marg
Prized Possession: A drumstick once owned by Travis Barker
Current Music: 90's Rap

Jesse selfie

Jesse Blum

Currently Wearing: Hair, skin, nails.
Childhood Pet's Name: Niko (ferret)
Dominant Color: Black
Under Your Bed: A box spring.
Paradise: Solitude
Dying Meal: IDK maybe something poisonous because why not?
Prized Possession: MacBook
Current Music: Bones

Joe getting ready to bust some ghosts

Joe Gutierrez

Currently Wearing: Red cap, blue shirt, black pants and shoes.
Childhood Pet's Name: Nanook
Dominant Color: Red
Under Your Bed: Sneakers.
Paradise: My home.
Dying Meal: Pancakes, eggs, and two sausages.
Prized Possession: Signed Bret Hart Funko Pop
Current Music: Rock


Brionte Ross

Currently Wearing: Athleisure
Childhood Pet's Name: IDK it was a fish
Dominant Color: Forest Green
Under Your Bed: Hella socks.
Paradise: SoCal
Dying Meal: Fish Tacos
Prized Possession: Plasma Globe
Current Music: 90's Hip Hop, Dream Pop, 80's Rock