Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Place An Order?

Whichever way you find easiest! You are welcome to walk in to our showroom anytime during normal business hours, call us, email us, Facebook messenger us, Instagram DMs, carrier pigeons, whatever. We just need you to break down exactly what you need us to do and when you need it by. Then we can reply with how much it costs to make that happen, and you can decide whether that works for you or you'd like to continue your search. It is as simple as you make it. You can see an outline of our order process: here.

What Are Your Minimums?

There are no minimums, Print Renegades can print as little as one garment using our Direct To Garment (DTG) printer. Other printing methods or services may require minimums based on a number of different variables. Read more about that here.

What Are Your Price Breaks?

Pricing may change and price breaks may differ depending on printing methods but as a standard, our price breaks are at 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 pieces. You can use our pricing calculators to help you figure what price breaks work best for your project.

Do You Print Samples?

Yes, we can print your samples using our DTG printer. We do not offer screen printed samples. Minimums must be met in order to have items screen printed.

What Type Of Apparel Do You Offer?

We can order blank apparel from a variety of wholesale distributors specifically for your order. You can find a link to our catalog here. We are never limited to what we have in the shop at any given time. We suggest you research which blank apparel brand and style fits your needs best before placing an order with us. While we do have some samples in our showroom for you to check out, it is impossible to have samples of the millions of options available. We are happy to assist you in your selection however, we ask that you help us by narrowing down your options as much as possible beforehand.

Can I Provide My Own Garments?

Yes. You are welcome to provide your own NEW blank apparel or CLEAN vintage apparel for us to print on. Before doing so, please see our full Terms & Conditions.

What Can You Embroider On?

Most garments can be embroidered, however, thinner materials (like t-shirts) cannot withstand complex embroidery designs as well as heavier garments like jackets or sweatshirts can. Some structured hats may not be able to be embroidered with complex designs due to the buckram (thick plastic mesh) used to give the hat it's structure. (Most hats sold in retail are embroidered before they are constructed)

What Are Your Turnaround Times?

Standard turnaround time for most orders is 10 - 12 business days from when we have invoice approval, a 50% deposit, approved artwork and mockups, as well as any provided apparel unless we are purchasing it for you.

Can You Rush My Order?

Yes. Under most circumstances, we are able to accelerate the turnaround time of your order for an added fee. Please see our full Terms & Conditions for details.

Can I Make Changes To My Order?

Once your invoice has been approved, changes can not be made to the order without incurring additional costs and/or resetting your turnaround time.

Can I Cancel My Order?

A lot of checking and double checking is done before we send you an invoice for approval and take a deposit. If you have to cancel your order for any unforeseen circumstance after that invoice has been approved and your deposit has been paid, your deposit will not be refunded as it will be used to cover expenses related to the preparation of your order including (but not limited to) art prep, mockups, blank apparel restocking/shipping costs, film printing, screen burning, etc. Please see our full Terms & Conditions for details.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

Almost all payment methods are accepted. Cash, Checks, Card, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Bank Transfers, Cryptocurrency, Precious Metals, Jewels, Unobtanium, Tradesies, Certain "Illicit" Substances, Lifetime Supplies of various candies/ energy drinks, Etc.

Can You Ship My Order To Me?

Of Course! Once your order is completed, you will receive an automated email letting you know. At that time you are welcome to provide us with your own shipping labels or we can ship it ourselves and add the shipping cost to your invoice. Please note that your balance must be paid before we can schedule a shipment for your items.

How Many Colors Can You Print?

Our Direct To Garment (DTG) printers can print in full photo-realistic color on most types of cotton garments. Our Screen Printing presses can print up to 8 individual colors (limitations do apply).

Can You Mix Custom Ink Colors?

Yes! We can mix inks to match a provided Pantone color code or swatch. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What Are The Artwork Requirements?

We ask that you provide the original Photoshop or Illustrator file whenever available. If not, the highest resolution file you have should be sufficient. Keep in mind that the better your original file is, the better your final print will look. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How Do I Submit My Artwork?

There are several ways you can submit your artwork. The easiest is to email the file or the file transfer link to us at hello@printrenegades.com. You are also welcome to bring the file to us on a USB drive of your choosing.

Can You Make Changes to My Artwork?

Unfortunately, Print Renegades does not have the design staff necessary to offer formal graphic design services. We can and will prep your artwork for print and can resize your artwork accordingly if the file provides allows. Simple design changes such as color, spacing or removal of certain elements may be possible but will incur an added design fee.

Can I See A Mockup / Proof Before Placing An Order?

Creating mockups can be a time-consuming task. We cannot offer to mockup your designs before you commit to placing an order and pay the 50% deposit. Mockups are usually created the next business day and sent to you for approvals.

What Is Your Largest Screen Size?

The largest we can print will depend heavily on the substrate and the design that you need printed. DTG prints can be as large as 16" wide x 20" tall. We can print flatstock as large as 24" x 36". Different garments will have different printable areas and will determine the largest we can print.

What Can You Print On?

If it lays flat, we can print on it. The permanence of that print may be affected by the material that it is being printed on. We do not suggest printing over any seams, pockets, pleats, ribbing, mesh or highly textured items as it will negatively impact the quality of the print. We cannot print over any zippers, buttons, rivets or similar embellishments as they will likely tear the screen during the printing process.

Can You Fold and Bag My Items?

Yes. We do offer polybagging services however, we strongly urge our customers to avoid it if at all possible in order to cut down on the amount of plastic waste it produces.

Can You Print Inside Labels?

Yes, we can print inside neck labels as part of your screen printing order. You must provide the inside neck label design for each size in your order. While we can print on the inside of fleece, we do not suggest it as the integrity of the design will suffer due to the texture. If a size in your order does not have supplied artwork, the inside label will be printed without the corresponding size indicator and a size sticker will be used instead for identification. (Example: you have provided size tags for Small though 2XL but there is one 3XL in your order, we will print the label without the size on that one 3XL item and use a size sticker instead).

What About Copyrights / Trademarks?

While we do not condone the infringement of copyrights or the replication of trademarked logos or designs, Print Renegades is not responsible for verifying the legitimacy of your designs. The responsibility of obtaining permission to print a copyrighted or trademarked design lies with you, the customer. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.