Let us Help Make Your Ideas a Reality.

Printed T-shirts on hangers

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our willingness to try new things. This allows us the opportunity to take on projects we’ve never attempted. Keep in mind that if the service you’re looking for is not listed here or if you have any questions at all, please drop us a line. Tell us about your project and we will do our best to make it a reality if at all possible.

We are an atelier screen-printing shop that specializes in hand-pulled prints while still embracing new industry technology and production methods. We differentiate ourselves from other shops with our open-door policy. This allows for customers to visit our showroom  during normal business hours without an appointment as well as offering lower minimum order quantities to encourage smaller startups and customers looking to experiment without too much out-of-pocket cost.

Do You Screen Print Your Own Merch?

Screen Printing the CoLab Logo

If you are a screen printer who is starting to outgrow the garage or backroom setup you are currently working out of, we know what it's like. That's why we have created a collaborative screen printing shop next to our own for the creative community of Greater Los Angeles.

Introducing: CoLab

Built specifically to cater to people like you that need a clean, professional workspace to grow your own creative business, print your own band merch, or just get started in screen printing without having to purchase a lot of bulky equipment. CoLab has everything you need.

With a full commercial screen printing shop right next door, Print Renegades can assist you in helping make your screens for screen printing projects. We can print film positives, burn pre-coated screens on a variety of mesh densities for competitive prices.

Not just for screen printers, we've built out this space to be flexible. We have a professional photography space with an cyclorama "infinity" wall and most of the equipment is on wheels so it can be cleared away to allow for CoLab to be used as an event space. We encourage all creative professionals in and around the Downtown LA area in need of a space to check it out.